Wildlife Prevention

A-Team Trappers specialize in all forms of wildlife prevention including but not limited to rat and rodent prevention for residential homes, opossum and raccoon prevention for commercial properties such as golf courses and country clubs and Mice & Squirrel prevention for restaurants etc.


There are multiple forms of wildlife prevention depending on area, structure & species you are targeting

  • Closing entry points to block animals entrances into a structure
  • Bait stations for external prevention & population control
  • Bird spiking to prevent nesting in particular areas
  • Strategic quarterly trapping sessions for raccoons, opossums, armadillos for population control
  • Monthly or quarterly deterrent treatments to help keep certain wildlife off of properties
  • Attic and crawlspace treatments to kill pheromones & help prevent wildlife’s attraction

Most common form of prevention is typically in regards to closing entry points to prevent rodents or animals from re-gaining access into our homes or businesses. Closing entry points (exclusion) is most certainly imperative to prevent wildlife from getting back into structures. Whether doing rodent prevention or raccoon prevention it’s important to know what you should be looking for such as the main active entry points and areas that are commonly compromised for full prevention.

Things to look for at main active entry points

  • Grease Marks
  • Chewing or gnawing
  • Paw Prints
  • Soffit pulled down, pushed in or bent

Disclaimer- above and beyond closing main entry points there are a multitude of additional variables to keep in mind that only experienced pros will be able to problem solve, such as other known areas for prevention, plumbing issues & structural problems.
To do this right it’s always suggested to hire a pro and get it done right the first time. Once wildlife enters any space they do leave pheromones behind by scenting spaces. This is the reason that wildlife issues will not take care of themselves and can only get worse once they start.

Call a pro on your side to assess before it’s to late. Don’t hesitate, Call A-Team Trappers Today!

A-Team does prevention all around Florida including but not limited to Greater tampa bay, pinellas, st. petersburg, Sarasota and Manatee counties, and all Miami Dade, Broward, and Ft. Lauderdale. Even in the case we do not currently cover an area you reside in, call A-Team to be referred to a florida trapper you can trust. We have been in the business for years and know exactly what good service looks like. Call a company that truly cares

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