What to Do If Something Has Died in Your Home

Something has died in your home. The putrid smell left behind gets worse every day to the point that you’re thinking of relocating temporarily for some relief. But you can’t run away from the smell forever, so what do you do next? We’ll give you some advice in this article.

Should You Be Concerned?

Aside from the disgusting smell of a dead animal, you should be concerned about the potential health risks you may expose your family to. Once animals die, they can become covered with parasites that can carry disease which could pose a health risk for anyone who comes in contact with the animal. A dead animal carcass may also affect people with allergy issues. This is why a professional dead animal removal in Tampa, FL is necessary.

Figure Out Where the Animal is Located

After the animal decomposes, you’ll start to notice the odor. Although foul, this smell will help you locate the animal. The area where the odor is strongest is likely where the animal is located. Also, you can figure out where the animal is located by being familiar with animal behaviors. For example, certain animals may choose warmer areas of your home for nesting or may seek a place to access water when they are sick. Also, the smaller the animal, the harder it will be to find.

Practice Proper Hygiene

Always take proper precautions when coming in contact with dead animals. Wear full protection including gloves and a facial mask. Wash your hands with warm soap and water or bathe if you find yourself handling a dead animal or anything the animal may have come in contact with.

Get Rid of the Carcass

At A-Team Trappers, we don’t recommend that you handle a dead animal on your own. If you want to avoid health hazards, an infestation, and bad odors, we recommend you hire a team that is skilled in the safe removal and disposal of dead animals removal in Tampa, FL. We are equipped to not only remove these animals from your home but we can also eliminate potential dangers, sanitize your home, and prevent further infestations.

If you have any questions about dead animal removal in Tampa, FL please fill out our contact request form or call us at 813-773-5111.