The Humane Approach to Removing Wildlife From Your Home

Needing to remove critters from your home and want to do the right thing? A-Team Trappers are experienced in managing human-wildlife conflict—humanely. Our technicians conduct both commercial and residential wildlife removal with safe and state-approved methods.

Removing Rats (and Droppings) in the Rafters

Are rats targeting your attic? Removing wildlife from your home also means removing what they’ve left behind. At A-Team Trappers, we specialize in in-house wildlife removal in Tampa, FL—from attic to basement—as well as the sanitation of those infested areas. We work with a large range of nuisance wildlife, including bats, raccoons, rats, squirrels, possums, and more. We pride ourselves on taking care of our customers and the animals we encounter.

Safely Removing Destructive Pests

Looking to safely remove nuisance animals such as rodents, raccoons, and possum? By selecting A-Team Trappers you are doing your part to protect nature while evicting them from your property. Our on-site technicians use humane methods to remove destructive pests, not destroy them.

Preventing Wildlife From Returning

In addition to wildlife removal in Tampa, FL, our technicians help prevent wildlife from returning using natural and safe deterrents. Our technicians practice humane pest prevention via pheromone control and other treatment plans. For specific areas of your home, our technicians will use a 3-step process to eliminate existing toxic airborne pathogens, feces, and residual pheromones. These methods help to prevent future infestations and protect you and your family from serious health hazards.

Customized Critter Containment

At A-Team Trappers, we understand the damage that nuisance animals can create. We work with your family or business to create customized services for your animal removal or prevention needs. Our A-Team Trappers technicians are experienced in wildlife removal in Tampa, FL and are available to conduct a free comprehensive inspection of your home or business.

If you have any questions about wildlife removal in Tampa, FL, please fill out our contact request form or call us at 813-773-5111.