Squirrel Removal in Tampa, FL

Florida is home to three types of squirrel species: the eastern gray squirrel, the fox squirrel, and the southern flying squirrel. Squirrels are important to our ecological system. Their natural digging and burying habits aid in reforestations, they provide insect control, and other animals benefit from the tunnels they dig. Squirrels may be vital to nature, but their presence in residential homes or commercial buildings add no benefit—only headaches. If squirrels are inhabiting your personal living or business space, call A-Team Trappers for a guaranteed solution for your squirrel problem.


It is common to spot squirrels near homes and places of business. Squirrels easily find their way into attics, soffits, chimneys, and eaves during winter months when they are seeking a warm place to build a nest. Eventually, the squirrels will begin to damage these areas.

Although squirrels are not aggressive, they will destroy yards by digging and burying nuts, chewing trees, and other greenery. They damage home interior by chewing on electrical wires and wooden finishes. Squirrels can also carry diseases and ticks, and their urine and feces can make humans sick. It is best to stay clear of their droppings and contact A-Team Trappers for an effective squirrel removal in Tampa, FL.


At A-Team Trappers, both our customers and wildlife are our priority so we work diligently to remove pest wildlife from your home and to ensure they can return safely to their own habitats. We are available anytime of the day to provide humane trapping services to catch and relocate squirrels. Once removed, we provide exclusion services to seal all entry points so squirrels can’t get back in. If necessary, we clean and sanitize any damaged or infected areas. We also like to educate customers on ways to prevent wildlife from coming back because prevention is critical to stopping a small problem from becoming a bigger problem

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