How to Remove Resourceful Raccoons

You may need raccoon removal in Tampa, FL if you notice a soffit hanging from your house. These furry visitors are versatile and adaptable, tending to stay around longer than that cute picture you just took. A-Team Trappers are experienced in both commercial and residential wildlife removal. Using safe and state-approved methods, our technicians work with you to create custom pest removal solutions for even the most tricky ones around—raccoons.

Block Critter Access

Raccoons are tenacious and look to gain entry of your home at any cost—making raccoon removal in Tampa, FL very difficult at times. They use their paws and can create serious damage to both the outside and inside of your home or business. Our A-Team Trappers schedule time to assess your property and to determine how the unwanted intruders are entering and any potential areas they may try to enter in the future. We use full exclusion techniques to block all possible access points to your home or business. Unlike our competition, we use metal base products for exclusion—creating a permanent solution to both the pests and weather.

Protect Your Trash

Fruit, meat, and veggies—fresh or fermenting—are all part of a raccoon’s diet. They’ll eat almost anything, and, will go through almost anything to get to it. Take preventive steps to defend your property by simply protecting your trash. Although these cute animals seem to have table manners (they have the tendency to wash their food before they eat), raccoons also have great paw agility and are capable of incredible amounts of damage. Use solid metal trash cans, make sure lids are secure, and make your trash raccoon-proof.

Make Your Home Unwelcome

An unwelcoming environment is key to removing raccoons from your house or business. Leaving food around is a flagrant invitation for raccoons. Make sure to bring in Fido’s pet food at night and check the base of fruit-bearing trees for fragrant and rotting harvest. Additionally, although raccoons are very clever, scare tactics can also create unwelcome surroundings. Use motion-activated devices such as flood lights, radios, and sprinklers to further inhibit raccoon visits.

Rid Your Property of Raccoons

Raccoons staying longer than wanted at your property? A-Team Trappers are experienced in removing nuisance animals such as raccoons. We work with your family or business to create customized services for your animal removal or prevention needs. Our A-Team Trappers technicians are experienced in raccoon removal in Tampa, FL and are available to conduct a free comprehensive inspection of your home or business.

If you have any questions about raccoon removal in Tampa, FL, please fill out our contact request form or call us at 813-773-5111.