Bat Removal in Tampa, FL

Nothing puts fear in the hearts of people like the presence of bats. Much of this fear is unfounded. Despite the narrative we’ve seen woven throughout historical text and movies for various generations, bats are much less likely to attack than most nuisance animals. However, they still create a great deal of challenges and that’s why bat removal in Tampa is best left to the experts at A-Team Trappers.


Bats are some of the most useful creatures you will ever encounter. They eat many insects, including disease-carrying mosquitos, which helps keep those populations at bay. Bats are nearly blind, social creatures that use biosonar and echolocation to navigate at night in groups. Unlike other nuisance animals, they are less likely to chew through wire and building material. However, they do enjoy the warmth of inside spaces in the same way. These populations can easily grow to hundreds and they are not likely to leave your attic. They are also protected wildlife. Due to their impact on insect control, bats cannot be removed from a home from mid-April to mid-August. It’s during this time that baby bats learn to fly. As a matter of fact, if you discover that you have bats, it’s critical to seek bat removal in Tampa immediately.


If you have the right equipment, know the proper procedure, and understand the challenges of this activity, you can remove them from your home. However, the dangers involved make this job better suited for professionals. Some bats can eat nearly half their weight in bugs and produce a great deal of waste (guano). Guano, when it crystallizes, can damage trusses, walls, and roofs. Airborne spores from guano can carry histoplasmosis, a dangerous infection that leads to scarring in lung tissue. Bats are also carriers of rabies


The technicians at A-Team Trappers knows bat removal in Tampa, FL is not a simple process. We have the experience and tools to complete the task effectively. We do a thorough inspection of your home to determine the presence of bats and where they came from. We then seal all openings and conduct a process called exclusion where we place an exclusion tube in the proper location. This gives bats a chance to exit to the outside of the home but doesn’t allow them to return.

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