5 Way to Locate a Dead Animal in Your HomeE

If you’ve ever been around an area where an animal has died, you probably remember the putrid smell quite well. It’s one thing to smell it outside, but when it’s inside your home, it’s even worse. The smell may be subtle at first, but the longer it sits, the worse it gets. To get rid of the horrible smell in your home, we’ll share five ways to locate it so you can get a prompt dead animal removal in Tampa, FL.


A terrible smell is the first sign of a dead animal. Depending on when the animal died, the smell will be faint or really strong and offensive. You can attempt to follow the smell but it can sometimes be misleading depending on the flow of air in the home. When all else fails, remember, animals tend to look for water, heat, or their nesting area before dying. So be sure to search these things out.


Your own beloved pets can help you track down a carcass. A dog can detect the slightest noise and sense an intruder well before you can. Likewise, their keen sense of smell can detect where a decomposing animal is located. Be very cautious and avoid endangering them. Stay in control of the situation and prevent your pet from pursuing the animal.


Think that stain on your ceiling is from a leaky roof? Think again. Once dead animals decompose, they can leave unsightly stains on your ceilings and walls. Stains can be a good indicator, when accompanied with other signs, of where the animal is located.


If there’s a dead animal in your home, you’ll probably come across some other annoying pests. Like rotten food, dead animals will attract flies, ants, maggots, and more. If you’re noticing an influx of flies or a trail of ants, take notice because they’ll lead you to the carcass.


From this point, we advise you not to remove the animal yourself for health reasons. We recommend you contact us to come out and take care of the situation for you. Although anyone can attempt to remove a dead animal, it is best to get professional wildlife removal in Tampa because your home will require antimicrobial treatment to get rid of bacteria, molds, and other unsanitary matter the dead animal could leave behind.

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