Tampa Bay Treatment

In addition to the many physical damages wildlife can create by entering your Tampa Bay area home, the bacterias, and diseases left behind for you and your family to potentially inhale is the silent killer. A-Team Trappers has a combined experience of 30 years and we will be the first to tell you that if you have a raccoon in your attic or a rodent in your home you will not be thinking about little old bacteria. You’re more likely to run out of the house screaming, panicking to find a phone and call family and friends for advice or search GOOGLE for – HELP ASAP RAT REMOVAL!

Regardless, if you are reading this then you have come to the right place. Let’s start with some education, and facts about how these things can transpire and what A-Team’s Attic Treatment does to keep your home safe from these pathogens and contaminants. Rule # 1 is the home must be clear of all wildlife activity and all entry points closed before treatment. Next it is important to know the proper way to remove high active areas of fecal matter from an attic space keeping in mind that animals contaminate spaces in different ways.

Raccoon – Use a Latrine (like a cat uses a litter box)
Squirrel – Use a Latrine
Rats – Go everywhere because they cannot control their bowels
Opossums – Go everywhere
Bats – Typically will contaminate a few hundred square ft.

Once we have all the animals eradicated and one treatment done with an antimicrobial disinfectant atomizer we are now clear to carefully shovel the contamination into a bucket. You’re probably asking yourself why don’t you use a vacuum. Great question, Yes we can use a vacuum once majority is removed carefully and the reasoning behind this is parasites grow spores on fecal matter and if removed improperly they can become airborne and contaminate the living space if not careful.

Our wildlife attic treatment and spot clean up consists of 3 steps

  1. Treat the attic with an atomizer treating the entire attic space with an antimicrobial disinfectant
  2. Removal contaminates cautiously and carefully
  3. Lastly repeat step 1

For internal contamination such as rodents in a home we us commercial grade Ozone machines. Ozone does take the oxygen out of the air so client do need to be out of the home while the machine is running. Its best usage is for sterilizing all contamination and will help with mold removal, odors of all kinds etc. A-Team will set the machine up on a timer so it can turn on while no one is in the home and will shut off about 2 hrs before anyone can return. This is especially great for anyone with kids that’s concerned about using toxic cleaning agents as this is a fully natural process.

Depending on the significance of the contamination we always have room to customize these things per scenario. Some attics need more attention than others, in worst cases the insulation is extremely old and under efficient with years of contamination. In these cases we would suggest a full attic restoration which includes 3 treatments and the full removal and replacement of all insulation.

We take our job and expertise seriously so although not always easy part of our job is to be honest with our clients as to the health risks associated with current establishment.