A-Team Trappers is a well known company throughout the Tampa, Brandon, Riverview, and Valrico area in this wildlife removal industry. If you suspect a rodent issue or simply want to get your home rat proofed, then we should be your first call and if we are not, we will definitely be your next or last call when others fall short. The confidence exudes from all corners of this premier animal removal company because we hold the solutions to any and all rodent removal, and rat prevention needs.As we do our initial rat inspection analysis of the property, a lot of clients ask us how we got into this business and how are we so knowledgeable about wildlife. The simple short answer is first we have an elaborate screening process for new hires to ensure we hire people that want to be here, love animals, and enjoy working with an accountable team that holds each other to high A-Team standards. Second, once our wildlife pros have completed a month of educational field work, they continue to learn and train on a daily basis. Wildlife solutions are never the same, so our technicians customize their work for every client’s needs, and are able to close the most intricate entry points that majority would pass by. This Brandon, Lithia based rat trapping company is built on teamwork, so with a mixture of accountability and drive, this is the only team you will want on your side.

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If you want your residence fishhawk Rodent Proofed, heard a noise in the drop ceiling of your riverview business, or just want to take us up on a free, no obligation wildlife inspection in Brandon FL then you have come to the right place. We understand the urgency and the unnerving feeling about having something unknown in your attic, scratching in a wall void or foul odors coming from behind a cabinet. Fear no more because A-Team is here to take your call 24/7 and do our best for same day services.

A-Team Trappers Plan of Action

Once a wildlife specialist has been dispatched to you residence or business you will receive a courtesy call approximately thirty minutes before we arrive for our initial inspection. Depending on the size of the home or business, our inspections take anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour and half for larger properties. We will first assess the attic or crawl space to establish what type of animal or rodent we are dealing with. We will take pictures of our findings to help educate to ensure you have a full understanding of the situation. Once we have established and confirmed rats, squirrels, mice, rodents, etc. we will then move on to the external inspection. Rat and squirrel entry points can be as small as a nickel so being diligent and knowing what to look for is imperative for a full rodent solutions. We will be looking for evidence such as grease & rub marks from rats, chewing and gnawing areas from squirrels, and gaps or holes in soffits. For trained animal pros this is a walk in the park but as easy as this sounds there is a lot more to this process. Wildlife Solutions should be customized accordingly for all projects but a few main steps are always in the forefront. First trapping and removal, Closing entry points with proven guaranteed materials and methods, and lastly treating the attic space with an antimicrobial disinfectant and pheromone removal. Beyond these 3 key steps we also specialize in full attic restorations for high contamination situations, bait boxes for external population control and a plethora of other solutions for all scenarios. Partner with the pros that care, call A-Team Trappers in Brandon Today (813)773-5111