Tampa Bay Opossum Removal

The greater tampa area is home to an abundance of possums from young to old and fat to malnourished. Opossums in the attic or a crawl space can be a nuisance but as a humane wildlife removal company our art is in wildlife’s best interest for the better of our future environment.

Opossums weigh anywhere between seven and sixteen pounds and remain the only existing marsupial in the United States. You might see more than one at a time but these critters are considered more of a solitary animal. Like any other wildlife you may find in an Urban atmosphere possums have adapted to our Tampa Life going from Greater Carrollwood attics to opossum removal in Tampa’s Davis Island business center lobby. The characteristics of this animal is like no other, the main defense mechanism is the same as narcolepsy for humans. When a predator is present the opossum will involuntarily pass out, slow the heart rate, and discrete a foul smell mimicking a dead animal in hopes the predator will be turned off and move on.

Unlike raccoons that use their dexterous paws like hands, it is a lot more common for the opossum to use its head, and back legs to push through an entry point. Roof returns are pretty easily compromised on any home but especially anything older. They push through various vents, sometimes they might crawl a gutter and poke their way into soffit.

The opossum is known for carrying high amounts of fleas and ticks but interestingly enough because of their low blood temperature they do not carry rabies and are immune to snake venom.

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