Tampa Bay Bat Removal

A bat’s unique physical attributes make it easy for them to squeeze into the smallest unsuspecting areas. Weather we are doing bat removal in a Tampa skyrise, dealing with bat infestation on Davis Island, or valving bats out of a country club in Wesley Chapel, The A-Team can surely handle it. It is common to find the entry points close to soffit, fascia, or roof returns. You will typically see a darker area around an entry point from there greasy bodies pushing their way in and out. The next significant form evidence will be Bat guano (feces) on a wall located under the entry point because bats, a lot like rats, cannot control their bowels. We have the solutions and drive to solve any bat infestation whether you have bats in your belfry, or bats in your commercial highrise, A-Team Can Handle it.

Bats are extremely important to our ecosystem as they eat their body weight in mosquitoes on a daily basis acting as our own natural pest control. For this reason and and mating season combined, Florida bats are protected between the months of April 15th through August 15th. This law prohibits the removal of bat colonies from anything that is not considered a living space. We know that this scenario is not ideal but it doesn’t mean you should wait to get an inspection or take some sort of action because like many other species, you’re highly susceptible for more bat colonies to be attracted to the pheromones of their predecessors.

A-Team’s plan of action to legally control a colony of bats in an attic during protection months is as follows. Through our initial detailed inspection, we must first locate the main active entry points and confirm the established nesting areas of the colony or colonies. Knowing that bats use the same entry point continually, the best plan of action to ensure additional colonies don’t set up shop in an adjacent opening, we must close any and all other potential entry points around the home or business. For the safety and legalities for bat protection, all other scope of work will need to be completed after August 15th.

The obvious and well known health risks associated with with these nocturnal creatures are rabies that can they carry and transmit. They do have extremely small teeth so you could potentially be bitten by a bat and not even know it. No need to stress because this is uncommon unless camping out in the woods, because the same general rules apply as if you saw a snake in your home, they won’t do anything to you unless provoked or antagonized. This is a definite case that you should call a professional, A-Team Trappers does free inspections and specializes in bat removal throughout the greater tampa bay areas including all of hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas County Florida, and even if you’re not in an area that we currently cover don’t hesitate to call because we work hand and hand with Pre Qualified wildlife Professionals all over Florida

The not so obvious health risks associated with bats are the parasites and bacterias that fumigate the active areas. Guano (Bat Feces) contain contaminants so strong that they can actually affect the structure of the home, deteriorate trusses that hold the roof above your head. There is no mistaking the smell of bat guano or the noise and activity that follow. The ammonia like smell can take the breath out of your lungs, inhaling this contaminated air can cause all kinds of health risks including respiratory issues or even worse histoplasmosis.

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