Professional Animal Removal in
In the St Augustine Florida Area

Rodents and mice crawling in your walls or attic? Armadillos making themselves at home in your yard? Raccoons and squirrels nesting in your insulation? Call our team of wildlife specialists at A-Team Trappers!  We offer wildlife removal and prevention in the St Augustine area. Florida is known for a variety of wildlife species, many of which can be dangerous and disease ridden.  When your property is invaded by snakes, bats, raccoons, armadillos, rats, raccoons or other critters, you must take immediate action to keep your family, pets and property safe and secure. We specialize in natural and humane animal control services.

Our Approach
To Humane Animal Control

At A-Team Trappers we are passionate professionals.  We humanely and effectively address your nuisance animal problems. Call our knowledgeable wildlife specialists to schedule a complimentary inspection in the St Johns area today!  Our live trapping technology offers a humane solution to eliminate your wildlife issue.

St Augustine Commercial & Residential Wildlife Removal Services


Wild animals can cause far more harm than just property damage. Animals like raccoons, squirrels, and rats can carry diseases and disease-ridden ticks that pose a danger to humans. Our antimicrobial treatment can eliminate toxic pathogens, prevent animals from returning, and nullify odors.

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After an animal is removed from a property it is crucial to close all the potential entry points that wildlife could use to gain access to your home.  This could include breached areas of soffit, damaged sections of the roof, and other compromised areas.  To ensure your peace of mind our team specializes in preventing wildlife from returning to the property by closing these various entry points.


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Our methods are humane and effective for removing Florida wildlife. Owning a pest-free property is as easy as scheduling a free inspection with our team of wildlife technicians at A-Team Trappers.

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