Squirrel Removal in Miami Dade Broward & The Greater Ft. Lauderdale areas

Are you hearing scratching and fant footsteps in your Hollywood Condo, fast running in the walls of your Pembroke Pines Home or gnawing in the drop ceiling of your Ft. Lauderdale Business? How about the occasional sound of a marble dropping in your attic? Well, it may not be a marble, but the chances are high it could be an acorn or other seeds dropped by a squirrel. The scurrying footsteps and scratching could be caused by a squirrel that has made its way into your attic space.

Squirrels can pose a direct health concern to humans from their feces, and can cohabitate with us very easily. Squirrels can also cause damage to the wood frame in your attic by chewing on the wood. It doesn’t just stop at the wood, squirrels have been known to chew through cable and power lines also causing an indirect threat to humans in the event of a fire. Squirrels often use the power lines to travel back and forth from trees to your attic.

The trapping process for squirrels is effective, and humane. By placing a simple valve on the entry point, this gives the squirrel the opportunity to exit your attic for food and water but to NOT gain re-entry into your home. We have found this process to be successful of ridding your squirrel problem. During your trapping session with us, we will continue to make internal and external repairs to your home caused by the rodent.

Once trapping and removal is complete, it is highly recommended to do a disinfectant and pheromone erase treatment to the areas with squirrel activity. This process helps prevent other rodents from following the trial left behind from previous rodents, and also helps disinfect the areas that have been soiled, as well as, creating better quality air in your home. Don’t delay any longer with your pesky squirrel problem, call A-Team Trappers today to schedule your FREE inspection for squirrel removal, and in the case that you reside in an area we do not currently cover, call A-Team trappers to refer you to a Florida Trapper that you can trust. If you want the best, call the best! 844-402-8326 We will not disappoint.