Raccoon Removal Tampa

As one of most trusted raccoon removal companies in Tampa, we specialize in humane trapping, exclusions for prevention, and attic treatments to kill parasites and bacterias left behind from raccoon fecal matter.


Raccoons are highly intelligent and dexterous animals; therefore, they have an innate ability to enter a home or building Whether in Riverview, Temple Terrace or Brandon Florida they will cease the opportunity to make a new home of their own. Since they can use their tiny hands to do just about anything, a clear indication of a raccoon in your attic would be chewed up wires, damaged or ripped out duct work, and the most common of all would be a “latrine”. A latrine is the name for the common area where raccoons defecate, and these areas can cause serious health hazards. Raccoon feces can contain Baylisascaris procyonis which is known as the “raccoon roundworm”, and they are tiny eggs that can be passed through feces. The main reason why Baylisascaris procyonis is harmful to humans is because it can cause a severe neurologic disease.

Raccoons tend to mate around the beginning of spring, and they have a gestation period of about 65 days. This means that the popular birthing times for these adorable animals is during the months of April and May. With this mating process comes the task of finding nests for their little ones, which is where your attic, backyard, or any potential living space can become a new home for the new mom and her little ones.

What makes raccoons potentially dangerous is the fact that they are the number one carrier of rabies in the entire state of Florida, as well as bats. And not only are you at risk, but your beloved pets can also be exposed to an infected raccoon. We do raccoon removal throughout the Greater Tampa Bay Area including but not limited to Lutz, Wesley Chapel, Seffner, and Riverview. In the case you need raccoon removal in an area we do not currently cover don’t hesitate to call A-Team Trappers and we will refer you to a trusted Florida Trapper. Call A Team that cares!