Professional Animal Trappers

The Sunshine State is known for its diverse species of wildlife. These animals may seem harmless, but they pose serious threats to the safety of your health and property. Have you seen rodents in your yard?  Maybe heard noises in your attic?  Then it’s time to call our wildlife professionals at A-Team Trappers.

Our Approach

We are a full-service wildlife removal company operating throughout all regions of Florida including Flagler County.  Our technicians employ live trap technology to ensure that animals are humanely removed from commercial and residential properties. Animals like rodents, raccoons, squirrels, opossums, bats, snakes, and armadillos can cause property damage, carry diseases, and bite! After a free inspection, our team safely removes these animals and ensures the area is sanitized and safe for you and your loved ones. Call us for the fastest response time in the industry!

Palm Coast Commercial & Residential Wildlife Removal Services


Wildlife causes far more harm than just property damage. Animals like raccoons, opossums, and rats can carry diseases and disease-ridden ticks that are dangerous to humans. Antimicrobial treatments help eliminate these toxic pathogens, nullify odors and prevent animals from returning.

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When removing wildlife from a property it is crucial to close all the potential entry points so that the wildlife can not gain access to your home again.  These openings could include breached areas of soffit, damaged sections of the roof, and other compromised areas.  To ensure your peace of mind our team specializes in preventing wildlife from returning to the property by sealing these entry points with sturdy materials.


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At A-Team we use humane methods that are effective for removing any species of wildlife. Our animal specialists are trained to take on the most difficult of removals and restore to your household.

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