Rat Removal & Control in Miami, FL

Your heart may drop when you hear those scraping noises in the wall or the gallop of tiny feet above you. You know that it’s not good, but what is it? Conventional wisdom will tell you that you have a rat and the best way to remove him is to set out a trap. That may not be the best move. Here’s why.

Rats primarily work their way into a home in search of food. When a food source dries up for a pack of rats, they will send out a “scout” to find another source. Oftentimes, that’s your home. On their way to finding your home, the scout will send a scent trail so that the other members of the pack know where to go. So when you trap and kill one rat, you’re simply creating an unsanitary mess, not solving an infestation problem. At the first sign of rodents, contact A-Team Trappers. We perform rat removal in Miami, FL safely and efficiently.

Why is Rat Control in Miami, FL is so Important?

From Carol City to Coral Gables, the Miami area has a rat problem. This makes many homeowners privy to the dangers that rats can cause. The “scent trail” that scout rats leave is actually a mix of feces, urine, and pheromones. Rats are carriers of several diseases, including eosinophilic meningitis, leptospirosis, and the bubonic plague. Rats can also cause a great deal of property damage because they often gnaw their way into a home. Their gnawing of electrical wires can even cause fires.

A-Team Trappers and Our Process

At A-Team Trappers, we pride ourselves on creating innovative and humane methods for rat control in Miami, FL. We offer a free inspection where we thoroughly assess your home for the signs of a rat infestation. We present evidence and a proposal and then we go to work. We will humanely remove the rats from your home. However, the process goes beyond that. Not only does the rat have to be removed, but the scent trail has to be removed as well. This is done in a three-step process, which includes:

  • Fogging the area of the infestation with an antimicrobial scrub. Toxic airborne pathogens can be found near rat feces and this helps remove it
  • Vacuuming the feces from high volume areas
  • Removing the pheromones, which decrease the likelihood of another rat infestation

If you have any questions about rat removal in Miami, FL, please fill out our contact request form or call us at 305-747-7222.