Opossum Removal in Miami, FL

Here’s a fun fact. Opossums are the only marsupial found in North America. They’re in the same group of animals as kangaroos, but can be found in woodland areas in the United States. These animals are scavengers that can feed on nearly anything from rotting food to roadkill. What’s not fun? Finding an opossum in your house. These animals can push their way into your home through attic vents, soffits, and roof returns, doing serious damage along the way. Opossums are also carriers of several diseases, including toxoplasmosis, leptospirosis, and tuberculosis. If you encounter a possum in your home, it’s imperative that your contact A-Team Trappers immediately for possum removal in Miami, FL.

About A-Team Trappers

While opossums don’t pose the same risks that other animals can cause, it’s still important to contact the experts at A-Team Trappers for opossum removal in Miami, FL. We use humane and innovative techniques to remove the animal safely from your home. This is critical when considering animal removal services. When possible, we like to remove the opossum from your home, while alive. A dead animal is unsanitary and can pose a health risk to your family and your pets. Our technicians are fully certified with the Florida Department of Agriculture and abide by all laws governing possum removal in Miami, FL.

The Possum Removal in Miami, FL Process

Our approach is comprehensive and customer-centric. When you contact A-Team Trappers, we come out and do a free inspection. From there, our technicians do the following:

  • If we find an opossum, we’ll provide a proposal for our work, which will include evidence of opossum in your home
  • Set humane traps for the opossum
  • Capture it and remove it from your home
  • Decontaminate the area and plug up all entry points

If you have any questions about opossum removal in Miami, FL, please fill out our contact request form or call us at 305-747-7222.