Bat Removal in Miami, FL

Nothing strikes more fear in the hearts of homeowners than the presence of bats in and around their homes. Thanks to literature and movies, we all have a healthy trepidation for the flying furry creatures. It’s not to say that they can’t present certain issues, but bats are often more scared of you than you are of them and your interactions with bats will be mostly isolated. This will not be the case if they enter your home. Then the issues they present are heightened and it’s important that you contact A-Team Trappers immediately for bat removal in Miami, FL.

How Bats Are Beneficial

Among the animals we trap, bats are often the least territorial and the most beneficial. Bats control the mosquito population by eating over 1,000 mosquitoes per day. Oftentimes, people build bat houses as a method of limiting mosquitos around their home. Their impact on the ecosystem is why bats are a protected species and cannot be trapped from mid-April to mid-August.

Why Bat Removal in Miami, FL is so Important

While bats are not likely to attack, they can present several problems when entering the home. First, bats are social creatures. If you have one bat in your home, you likely have numerous bats in your home. Secondly and most importantly, bat feces, or guano, is toxic. Guano can rot trusses and roofs. When dry, it gives off spores that, if ingested, can cause lung scarring. For this reason and the laws governing bat removal, it’s critical that you leave bat removal in Miami, FL to the experts.

The A-Team Trappers Process for Removing Bats

Having bats in your attic is a scary experience. However, the experts at A-Team Trappers are here to help. Our team of Florida Department of Agriculture-certified technicians will come in and determine how the bats entered your home. Then, through a process called exclusion, we will block off entry points and create a tube for which the bats can fly out. We then clean the attic to rid it of guano and return it to a toxin-free place.

If you have any questions about bat removal in Miami, FL, please fill out our contact request form or call us at 305-747-7222.