Miami Green Iguana Removal

Whether you’re walking in the neighborhood, eating at your favorite outdoor restaurant, or just watering your garden, we’re sure you’ve taken notice to the enormous lizards taking over Miami and the surrounding areas. This lizard, known as the Green Iguana has an appearance of 4 different colors- black, brown, gray and of course, green. Exotic as these reptiles may seem, they are invasive to our area and are causing detrimental damage to our seawalls and vegetation. Our goal at A-Team Trappers is to be proactive, efficient, and affective while humanely trapping and removing the Green Iguana.


Although commonly found in trees near bodies of water, the Green Iguana will burrow itself in the ground during colder months and during nesting periods. A female Green Iguana can lay up to 70 eggs during their annual nesting period. Once the female has laid her eggs, she no longer provides protection for them. The unhatched eggs become vulnerable and are preyed on by local predators such as raccoons, opossums, and snakes. The burrows created by the Iguana may be causing weakness to our waterside structures such as seawalls, natural embankments, and even docks. Causing costly damage and leaving an unsightly mess for our landscapes.

Green Iguanas are herbivores, meaning their diet consist of only vegetation. You may have taken notice that some of your more brightly colored flowers and plants are looking less full. That’s because these flowers and plants actually attract the Iguana to your property making it a grand place to feed, mate, and nest. A majority of these plants eaten by the Iguana are native and their population is decreasing due to the extreme influx of the Green Iguana reproduction. This affects Florida’s native vegetation and causes a drift in Florida’s natural ecosystem.

So what’s your solutions to this pesky reptile that has taken over Southeast Florida? Call A-Team Trappers! We specialize in all reptile removal and are eager to take on any iguana removals! We are humane and effective while trapping and also offer suggestions on repairs and preventative solutions to your problem. We offer free same day inspections and get straight to the point of your problem. Don’t wait another second, call today! 305-747-7222