Miami Fox Removal

As the state of Florida quickly tries to accommodate the ever growing population of residents, we are decreasing the natural living habitat of our Native species, such as the Florida fox. With no habitat of its own, the Florida fox is now showing its face in our neighbors. Trapping this animal is a speciality of A-Team Trappers. While being effective we stride to take pride in our trapping process while keeping the animal safe and you- the client, satisfied.


There are 2 types of foxes that reside in Florida, the Grey Fox and the Red Fox. They have very similar living and eating habits but differ in their habitat. The Grey fox chooses to live in a more dense area such as woods, as the Red fox will thrive better in grassy, weeded fields. A nocturnal animal, the fox is mostly active at night while on the hunt for prey. Recently, there have been more frequent sightings of the fox causing fear in Miami residents who see the foxes prowling their streets and yards.

Resembling a small dog, the fox can weigh anywhere from 7-15 pounds and measuring anywhere from 12 inches to 2 feet long. The fox is largely carnivorous and their diet is known to consist of rabbits, mice, rats, birds, eggs, and small reptiles; although, they have been known to eat insects and some plant material as well. The fox may seem harmless but does pose a threat to our families and pets. As their food sources diminish, the fox is forced to look for food in our neighborhoods making our children and pets vulnerable to this predator.

If you have concerns with a fox visiting your neighborhood and would like recommendations on trapping, call A-Team Trappers and schedule your free inspection for your fox removal. We are dedicated to resolving your issue with the most effective process in the industry. Our trapping process is safe, humane, and efficient. Call A-Team Trappers today and get the job done right the first time! 305-747-7222