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Have you noticed new guests moving into your commercial or residential property? It’s not uncommon considering Florida’s diverse wildlife population. When rodents, raccoons, opossums, armadillos, snakes, or stinging insects get a little too close to home, it’s not enough to simply remove them. A-Team Trappers will ensure that wildlife is not only humanely removed but prevented from returning to your property. We can also treat affected areas to remove health risks and “scent trails” that could attract other animals. Call us for a free inspection!

Our Approach

Florida wildlife can cause widespread property damage, not to mention the dangerous diseases they can carry. It’s not their fault — they’re just looking for food and a cozy place to live — but they must nonetheless be removed and prevented from returning to a property. At A-Team Trappers, we employ live trap technology to humanely capture critters. The animal is then relocated to a private relocation center or rehab center, where it is eventually released back into the wild — away from your property.

Jacksonville Commercial & Residential Wildlife Removal Services

Regardless of the type of property you own, the team at A-Team Trappers can help. We’re a full-service wildlife removal agency serving the city of Jacksonville. Living in a beautiful city like Jacksonville doesn’t come without its drawbacks. Wild animals, such as raccoons, snakes, rodents, and other pests regularly make their way into residential areas or onto commercial properties. And when they do, our wildlife technicians can safely capture and relocate them to a location far away from your property.


We specialize in the safe and humane removal of wildlife. Although our methods are humane, they are nonetheless effective for removing Florida wildlife. Owning a disease- and pest-free property is as easy as scheduling a free inspection with the team of wildlife technicians at A-Team Trappers. Call today!

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There’s little point in removing an animal just to have it return to your property. That’s why A-Team Trappers does everything it can to prevent the return of wildlife once it’s removed. This could entail removing residual pheromones or educating property owners on bad habits that attract pests.

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Wild animals can cause far more harm than just property damage. Animals like raccoons, squirrels, and rats can carry diseases and disease-ridden ticks that pose a danger to humans. Our pheromone control and treatment plan can eliminate toxic pathogens and help prevent animals from returning.

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At A-Team Trappers, we’re familiar with the seasonal wildlife that uniquely affects the Jacksonville area. Our knowledge and skills are derived from serving Central and South Florida. Property owners in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Sarasota, Manatee, Charlotte, Dade, Broward County, or Orange County can all rely on our humane wildlife removal services. Call A-Team Trappers whenever your property is negatively affected by Florida Wildlife; we’ll handle the rest.