Greater Tampa Bay area & Sarasota Snake Removal

Florida and its cities like St. Petersburg, Tampa, and Sarasota are all very fond of all types of snakes. Florida alone has over 20 species of non-venomous snakes and 6 venomous species. All of these species can range in size from 31 inches to over 12 feet long in some species. Snakes are naturally drawn to areas that are warmer especially during the rainy season. This is when we start seeing more of them coming around our residence getting into a garage in your Town N County home or even worse into the living space of your waterfront condo in clearwater . When those things start to happen that’s when A-Team Trappers is the one to call. We can always safely and humanely remove any and all snakes from around your home.


Some of the most common venomous snake encounters in Sarasota, Pasco, Pinellas & Hillsborough County area are Rattlesnakes, Water Moccasins, and Pigmy Rattlesnakes. They can be found nesting around pool pumps, outside A/C units, decks, under sheds and areas that any wooded. Venomous snakes will normally stand there ground so if you happen to stumble across one they will normally give you a warning that they are there by rattling their tail. When you come across one of these venomous guys for your safety and proper relocation, Don’t Hesitate Call A-Team Today

Most of our non-venomous snakes can still be just as dangerous around your home as venomous ones. All non-venomous snakes will still strike and bite you if you get to close or if they feel threatened in any way. They will hide in a lot of the same areas as venomous snakes do but because they can be smaller in size with a lot of the species they will hide within your flower beds, your mulched areas in your yard and even in your garden hose box.

So if you are seeing these sleek shiny reptiles in or around your home in the Tri County Pasco, Hillsborough or Pinellas areas you need to call A-Team Trappers to come out and handle them with the proper care and respect those reptiles deserve.