What Happens When You Delay Nuisance Animal Removal Part 2

Many people may actually enjoy watching wildlife, but there’s a difference between watching from afar and up close and personal. No matter how cute they appear, never forget—they’re wild and potentially dangerous. It’s better to be safe than sorry. This article will conclude our two-part series, if you haven’t already, read part one to learn more.

Health Risks

While some animals may appear to be harmless, they can present danger and several health hazards to you. Animal droppings from wildlife such as bats, raccoons, squirrels, and other pests can contain harmful bacteria and diseases. If a bat were to find its way into your home, this could be a major health hazard as their droppings (guano) can permeate throughout your home and can even be fatal. Imagine several bats in your attic, and you’ll have a serious problem on your hands that only a bat removal in Fort Myers, FL can solve. Additionally, an animal can bite you, a loved one or pet. If you’re a business owner, the sight of wildlife in your place of business can lead to health code violations and lawsuits against you.

Legally Speaking

Wildlife are free-ranging, terrestrial vertebrates and, legally speaking, there are laws that protect wildlife on both the state and federal level. These laws dictate how different species are to be handled when it comes to harvesting, harassing, trapping, hunting, or removing them from their habitats. For example, it’s illegal to harm or kill a bat, and a permit may be required for removal, therefore, a professional should be consulted for bat removal in Fort Myers, FL. Because the list is extensive, it’s best to review the specifics of these laws on the website of the state agency responsible for wildlife protection. In Florida, that agency is the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Don’t Wait Around

While some people will take matters into their own hands, others may not move quickly enough to resolve their animal nuisance situation. A delay can lead to health risks, unpleasant odors and filth, and damage to your property.

Waiting around to have nuisance wildlife removed from your property will leave you dealing with an unpleasant situation that is both expensive and frustrating. Instead of waiting, let a professional come out, inspect your property, and remove the animal humanely. At A-Team Trappers, we do more than animal removal, our animal trappers also offer prevention and disinfection and deodorization services to ensure all health hazards are removed for your safety.

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