Safety Tips for Avoiding Conflict with Raccoons

Great—you’ve discovered who’s been rummaging through your trash in the wee hours of the night—a raccoon! Raccoons are constantly in search of food and a nice, warm space to set up a den. Your home is a welcome oasis. The best way to keep raccoons at bay is to find ways to discourage their attraction to your home and if necessary, call in a professional for a raccoon removal in Fort Myers, FL. We’ll tell you how.


Raccoons can be dangerous, especially if they are sick, injured, or feel cornered. If a raccoon is bold enough to approach you, simply shout loudly “Go away!” and wave them off. You don’t need to overreact, try to stay calm and use an item like a broom to lead them away from your home.


Raccoons will easily find their way into your trash cans, so there’s no need to feed them voluntarily. Anyone feeding a raccoon is only decreasing their fear of humans. Keep pet food inside the home and remember to clean up spills and bring bowls in the home in the evening. Keep your trash can lids on and secure the trash can so it can’t be tipped over. Securing your trash cans, closing off compost piles and covering the area with a mesh barrier, burying food scraps, are all helpful ways to keep raccoons from finding food in your yard to eat.


If your pet approaches a raccoon, it may feel inclined to protect itself. You don’t want to find yourself dealing with a wounded pet or worse, a disease. Raccoons can potentially carry rabies, trichinosis, and roundworm which can harm you and your pets. Keep your pets inside at night and if you have a pet door, find a way to keep them from entering your home.


When raccoons enter a home they are looking for a place to use as a den. They may find spaces under the home, a shed, a chimney, or your attic. An important service we provide our customers when we perform a raccoon removal in Fort Myers, FL is eliminating all entry points by applying metal-based products to key areas.

Your home is your personal haven, keep the neighborhood raccoons at bay by following the above tips. If you find that raccoons are continuously a nuisance, don’t hesitate to give the A-Team a call.

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