Rodent Removal & Control in Fort Myers, FL


Are you hearing noises in your attic, wall, or chimney? There is a possibility that you may have a rodent problem that will need to be rectified if you are experiencing some of the following:

  • Presence of chewing and gnawing marks
  • Signs of mice tunnels and nesting materials
  • Presence of droppings and footprints
  • Scratching, scampering, rolling, or chewing sounds


Rodent infestations are no fun and prove to be detrimental to your property. Rodents also release pheromones through their urine and feces that can be harmful to people and pets. Rodents are able to infest homes because of their swift ability to mate and reproduce. In fact, rats and mice breed every three to four weeks, giving birth to up to 12 offspring. They are also nocturnal and enter homes through rooflines, floor gaps, and open doors and windows. This only adds to the difficulty of controlling the problem.

The key to eliminating rodent problems involves sealing entry points, elimination, ongoing prevention. Prevention involves good habits such as keeping a clean and clutter-free home, sealing up exterior holes and inspecting areas of your home periodically for signs of rodents. However, we recommend you contact a technician that specializes in rodent control in Fort Myers, FL to ensure you get rid of the problem for good.


We can attest to many property owners taking matters into their own hands only to find that the situation has persisted. At the rate in which rodents multiply, it’s no wonder it can be a headache to get rid of them permanently. Do not worry, our certified technicians are available 24/7 to remedy your rodent problems.


Our rodent removal process will solve your rodent issue. We start with a free home inspection where we assess your situation in order to give you the best options for your budget. Once we agree to a solution, we arrive at your home to begin trapping the rodents. We will then perform exclusion where we seal up all entry points to prevent rodents from re-entering. The last step is an attic treatment which consists of applying antimicrobial scrub, cleaning walls and floors, and vacuuming the infected areas to remove droppings, pheromones, and other harmful pathogens. If a restoration is required, this will involve sterilizing the area, removing damaged insulation, treating walls and floors of contaminates, blowing in all new boro cellulose insulation, and applying pheromone inhibitor to prevent rodent attraction to your home.

If you have any questions about rodent removal in Fort Myers, FL, please fill out our contact request form or call us at 239-288-2286.