How to Limit Squirrel Activity on Your Property

Squirrels are generally viewed as cute unless they’re invading your home or destroying your landscaping. Homeowners and business owners alike commonly discover that squirrels have climbed and gnawed their way into their attics to nest. Squirrels aren’t inherently dangerous, but they can carry diseases such as rabies, salmonellosis, leptospirosis, and Lyme disease.

We’ll go over some helpful ways to control squirrel activity on your property. If they’ve made their way into your home, it may be necessary to have a professional trapper come out to your property for a squirrel removal in Fort Myers, FL.


If you’re wondering how to decrease the number of squirrels on your property do the following:

Understand Squirrel Behavior: Once you identify where the squirrels tend to gravitate and their method of destruction, you’ll have a better chance of controlling them. For example, squirrels like to eat bird seed from feeders; switching to squirrel-proof feeders will keep them away.

Remove What Attracts Them: To get a squirrel out of your home or place of business, you must remove attractants such as food sources and other debris from your outdoor areas. Squirrels feast on acorns, fruit, and other tree nuts. If you have bird feeders, they’ll eat that too. They’ll also devour food you may leave out near your trash can, including pet food. So be sure to remove and secure your trash cans.

Deny Access: It’s easier to deter squirrels from your property than to force them to relocate. Some of the ways you can keep them at bay include trimming trees so they can’t leap from tree to tree easily. Additionally, you can use chimney guards and cover wires with plastic PVC tubing that squirrels have trouble balancing on.


At A-Team Trappers, we don’t recommend using pesticides to catch animals. Outside of having a professional squirrel removal in Fort Myers, you can place the following products around your property to keep squirrels from damaging your garden, plants, or trees:

  • Motion-activated sprinklers
  • Mesh/net fencing
  • Scent-based
  • Pepper-based repellents

Squirrels are territorial, so it’s important to find humane ways to make the inside and outside of your property less attractive.

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