Dead Animal Removal in Port Charlotte, FL

Nothing will stop you dead in your tracks like the stench of a dead animal. What’s worse is finding that smell in your home. Then there’s the flies or maggots. It’s a gross scene and one that can be resolved by contacting A-Team Trappers for dead animal removal in Port Charlotte, FL.


There are a number of ways that dead animals could end up in your home. They may have chewed a wire and gotten electrocuted. They may have also fallen somewhere within a wall and got stuck. If you’ve put out poison in an attempt to kill the nuisance animal, you may have succeeded. In any case, now you are left with a dead animal and a sanitation hazard. Dead animals carry bacteria that could be harmful to humans and pets. While you may have considered removing the dead animal yourself, it’s easier to leave dead animal removal in Port Charlotte, FL to the experts.


A-Team Trappers separates itself from other companies by combining expert knowledge with superior customer service. We will come for an initial inspection to determine where the dead animal is located. We will then go in and safely extract the dead animal. From there, we sanitize the area to remove any harmful bacteria. We then inspect your home to find where the nuisance animal came in and block off the entrance. We are available around the clock to take care of your dead animal removal needs. Our technicians are fully trained and have the experience needed to return your home to the bacteria-free environment that you are used to.

If you have questions about dead animal removal in Port Charlotte, FL, please fill out our contact request form or call us at 727-240-2833.