Bat Removal in Port Charlotte, FL

Nothing is more annoying or more harrowing than having an attic full of bats. If you ignore the signs (squeaking sounds and a build up of guano on the side of your home), a bat colony can grow to hundreds over time. And if they find the warm comfort of your attic, they aren’t leaving anytime soon. If you need bat removal in Port Charlotte, you need to contact A-Team Trappers immediately.


A-Team Trappers has the tools and knowledge to take care of all your bat removal needs. When you contact A-Team Trappers, we come to your home to do a full inspection and determine where the bats are originating from. We then execute a process called exclusion. In exclusion, all places where bats can come into the home are sealed. Then an exclusion tube is created that allows the bats to escape safely from your home. Once out, the bats are not able to return. In addition to the exclusion process, we sanitize the area to prevent contact with toxic guano.


Bats do have their positives, especially to our ecosystem. They eat nearly half their weight in bugs, including pesky mosquitos. It’s for this reason, in part, that some people keep bat houses on their property. Bats can be quite harmful as well. Because they eat so many bugs, guano (bat waste) can build up quickly. Their waste, when dry, emits dangerous spores that can cause histoplasmosis, a disease that can lead to lung scarring. Bats are also a carrier of rabies. So bat removal in Port Charlotteis critical to you and your pets.

According to wildlife laws, bats cannot be removed from a home from mid-April to mid-August in many states.

If you have questions about bat removal in Port Charlotte, FL, please fill out our contact request form or call us at 727-240-2833.