Are Raccoons Dangerous?

Raccoons have somewhat of a dual reputation. In cartoons, they are furry, lovable creatures that help the other animals. In real life and through YouTube videos, they’ve developed a reputation as feisty, dirty, and dangerous. The latter description is closer to the truth as raccoons do present certain dangerous to humans and pets. However, they are not quite as dangerous as their reputation indicates and with preventative measures and common sense, you may be able to avoid raccoons completely.


Typically, raccoons prefer to be in wooded areas near water sources. As a matter of fact, that’s still where you are likely to see most raccoons. However, with the growth of Fort Myers and other cities, rural areas are shrinking. Also, our homes have a number of features that are attractive to raccoons. Our trash provides a plentiful food source, as does our pet food. Our attics are dry, safe, and predator-free places to have babies.


While raccoons are more likely to run away from you than attack, there are a number of ways in which they pose a serious threat to humans and pets. If you encounter a raccoon in your home, use extreme caution and contact a company that performs raccoon removal in Fort Myers, FL.


The largest threat that raccoons present is from their feces and urine. Raccoon feces can carry both leptospirosis and roundworm. Humans and pets can contract these diseases if they come intact with raccoon feces or urine. This includes inhaling either. While there are few deaths reported in humans, both can be highly dangerous for pets. For this reason, raccoon feces and urine must be removed with care.


Raccoon attacks are rare as raccoons are more proned to avoid larger animals. However, if they feel threatened, they have been known to attack. This is especially dangerous for pets. Raccoons can easily kill cats or small dogs.


Raccoons can do a great deal of damage to your yard. In search of food, they will rip open trash cans, tear up trash bags, and dig holes in your yard, among other actions. More importantly, they will leave urine and feces in your yard, which can lead to a number of health issues for your family.


To prevent raccoons from posing a threat to your family, consider the following actions:

  • Keep trash cans inside
  • Keep trash cans closed at all times when outside
  • Close off all entrances to your home, especially your attic
  • If you hear signs that a raccoon is in your home, such as scratching, contact a raccoon removal company in Fort Myers, FL immediately.

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