4 Ways to Get an Animal to Leave Your Attic

Holes and unsecured closures to an attic is a welcome invitation for wildlife, and squirrels are no exception. If you’re dealing with a mother squirrel, in particular, she will be in search of a secure place to nest her young; in this case a plan for squirrel removal in Fort Myers, FL will be necessary to ensure that the babies are removed appropriately.

Otherwise, the four tips we’re providing in this article may not always prevent an animal from entering your home but may help deter an animal from staying around for too long.


Make Your Attic Smell Unpleasant

The smell of ammonia or mothballs will repel an animal from wanting to stay in your attic. Soak ammonia in a rag and place it in a container or pour a small amount of ammonia in a pan.

Make Your Attic Bright

Animals like to make their homes in darker locations because it makes them feel safe which is why your attic is ideal for them. If you keep the area brightly lit, they won’t feel safe and will eventually leave.

Make Your Attic Loud

Although animals can be quite the noise maker themselves, external noise such as that from humans will scare them away. You can either keep the television on or the radio blaring when you’re not home to accomplish this.

Make Your Attic Scary

If you already have a pet or are considering one, its presence may scare other animals away from your home. If you don’t own pets, the scent (i.e., urine of a fox or bobcat) of a predatory animal may repel them.

What Now?

Now that your attic is a little more unpleasant, you’ll just have to wait it out (especially if there are babies involved). There’s also a chance that some of these tactics may not work for all animals. This is why the best method for getting rid of animals is to call in a professional for animal and squirrel removal in Fort Myers, FL. At A-Team Trappers, we specialize in humane trapping, removing, and relocating animals from your home and back to their own habitats. Once removed from your home, our exclusion process will keep them out for good.

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