As much as we would love to be able to give pricing out before seeing the situation, it is unfortunately an impossibility and should be wary of any company able to do so. For full transparency the main variable and reasoning behind wanting to see the home or business first is as follows: What animal are you dealing with, are there more than one species, the level of infestation, the level of contamination, and most importantly how many entry points, how big or small are they, How many techs will need to be on site at once, how many stories tall, do we need a lift to access certain areas. We are highly skilled in all areas of our profession and take on Rat and bat removal in skyrise to raccoon removals in crawl spaces with no job to big or small.

The A Team has private relocation center throughout all areas we cover including rehab facilities on call when needed. If the Animal’s health is good, they don’t look malnourished then they are released into the wild on a minimum of 50 acres of private property with locations in Pinellas, Hillsborough and Sarasota Counties. In the cases we trap a mom and young babies or an animal seems sick in any way they will be taken to a rehab facility, quarantined, and watched until able to be released.

The Treatment is important on multiple levels, first reason being that animals of all kinds leave pheromones behind and these pheromones are what attract other animals of the same and different species. For rodents this pheromone trail is like a road map so they know always know exactly how other rodents or animals climbed a wall and entered the home etc. For raccoons this same scientific fact does apply but could also be used to find the rodents as a food source.

With trapping, full home exclusion, and an attic treatment comes with an automatic 1 year guarantee which is renewable for a fraction of the price on a yearly basis. A-Team Trappers has Guarantee for a variety of animals including the Rat, Mice, Rodents, Raccoons, Opossums, Bats & squirrels. We cover & warranty jobs all down the east coast including but not limited to Pasco, Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Sarasota Counties all the way Miami Dade, Broward, and Ft. Lauderdale.

We hear this question a lot, There is a rat per person in the United States and all of these rats have adapted to our urban lifestyles. They are constantly searching for food sources and safe havens for them to reproduce and keep a structured colony. Yes there are scout rats that go out and try to find the next place to take over and expand the size of the rat colony while others search for food sources etc. With all these rats and pheromones around all is takes is one to get in the attic and that enough to attract an entire colony in no time.

This is a question we must hear on a daily bases and is different for all of us. Although this isn’t the answer most are looking for, to be honest we have all dealt with our share of venomous snakes, hogs, raccoons with babies in attic, aggressive otters, etc. Yes they all come with there own dangers but our tactics, experiences, and tools take the majority of “danger” out of the equation. We are all highly trained in this profession so because things are so calculated nothing seems to be that “crazy”.

No this does not mean a raccoon has rabies but still something a you should discuss with a professional. First thing is raccoons are extremely adaptable so even though they are typically nocturnal, if they have a good food source in the day then they will be likely to adopt from their nocturnal lifestyle into a diurnals one. Second if they have babies they must find food at least 2 times a day to feed their young hence the reason you might again see them in the day. Lastly to clarify what you might be seeing if a raccoon does have rabies is as follows. You will probably see them struggling to walk normally, they will be extra aggressive and the most obvious sign will be grinding and foaming from the mouth.

Although a lot of the tactics remain the same to handle both, the big difference is with commercial, there is more urgency because it could potentially affect their clientele. We also have options to remain anonymous so that businesses don’t have to have a big sign out front that says they have rats! Residential home we keep the same urgency but the experience is more personal as it should be.

Yes, we work in cooperation with professional wildlife rehabilitation facilities to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the animals we capture and remove/relocate. Additionally we work with licensed beekeepers to assure us that the “honey” bees we remove will not be destroyed, and will continue to thrive in our delicate ecosystem.

If the animals we are dealing with are attic dwellers, our state of the art trapping and exclusion process coupled with industry leading pheromone control and disinfection process, will take approximately 7-10 days. If the animals are on the exterior of the home (armadillos, gophers, moles etc.), depending on the surroundings, water source, food source, seawalls, marsh, trees, or just plain city living, the process can be accomplished in less than a week.

Call Now! We are available 24/7 to answer your questions, and via the phone we can, many times, adequately evaluate your situation and afford you immediate peace of mind. Animals in the attic can pose very real and serious health issues, affecting the air you and your family breathe in every day, not to mention the extensive damage that can adversely affect the attic itself (duct work and a/c lines, electrical, water lines etc.) The longer that you wait the more severe the problem may become.

In the world of wildlife trapping there are multiple variables to consider. The scope of work can be very minor to highly significant. We are happy to visit your Orange County residence or place of business and provide a free inspection. During the inspection we include the entire attic and photograph from multiple angles so that you get to view what we actually see. We will also search the exterior of the building so we can make a determination as to how the animals ingress and egress the premises, and what areas need to be secured, not only now but in the immediate future. We offer options to meet almost any budget. We understand times may be tough for some, so we are offering exclusive in house financing to help overcome some of the difficulty and fears of leaving bacteria and airborne pathogens behind.

The truth is pets can be at risk. The leading carriers of rabies are raccoons and bats. Armadillos can carry leprosy, some toad secretions, if ingested, can be lethal, and without question venomous snakes are in no one’s best interest, whether 2 legged or 4. As members of the family our pets are our best friends and can be at risk from invasive wildlife.

A-Team Trappers are specific in our areas of expertise and pride ourselves on that. So that does limit us to a few exceptions. Pest control, alligators, bears, and dinosaurs. If it is in your attic or roaming around your property, with few exceptions we can resolve the problem.

WE CARE. A-Team Trappers ideas and thoughts on this industry are simple. We care about you, your family, and your home or business, not just the eminent danger of a raccoon falling through the ceiling or a 6’ diamondback rattlesnake in the backyard. Beyond the obvious we care about the real and hidden lasting effects of airborne pathogens left behind that can cause disease and illness. We care about the animals we capture and the life they lead and will continue to lead in their natural habitat after we have removed them. A-Team Trappers cares about your comfort, and knowing that the job is accomplished properly the first time, every time. Each wildlife problem is unique, so we focus on staying ahead of the curve, and we will ‘problem solve’ every situation.

If a wild animal bites you it is best to seek medical attention. Animals that may carry rabies, that are likely to be encountered in St Petersburg and the Tampa Bay area are, raccoons, bats, coyotes, and stray dogs. It is possible in some cases to have the animal tested for rabies. Be cautious of all snakes you encounter. Florida has several native venomous species, including Diamondback Rattlers, Pigmy Rattlers, Coral Snakes, and the ever aggressive Water Moccasin.

The simple answer, more than likely, is an Armadillo (in almost every case). They are notorious diggers and will construct a burrow overnight without any problem. The armadillo and humans are the only 2 species known to carry leprosy. In very few instances the hole might be the result of an Opossum, or Raccoon however these situations are very few and far between. Whatever the case is, A-Team trappers will be able to identify the problem with our free Pinellas and Tampa area inspection and resolve it for

Yes, There are a multitude of considerations when dealing with rodents. Entry points into the home are one. Sanitation is another. And Pheromone control is yet another. A-Team Trappers will be happy to assist you through this process. We offer a free inspection to help you and your family understand what needs to be done so that the problem is resolved and you are safe.

A-Team Trappers will always start with a full inspection, Before we continue with any trapping to ensure that we are fully taking care of your situation and needs. Our trapping process is ranged from a week to two weeks depending on the animals we are trapping for and habitat that surrounds them. Throughout the process we will continuously be stopping by to check, rebait, readjust, and relocate captured animals. For your comfort and safety as well as the animals, we remain on call for you during the process. Our wildlife experts will not stop until we are sure that all animals are trapped and relocated from your home or business.