Are you thinking about investing in a home or property, or may be thinking about expanding your business to a professional storefront? Regardless, you’re likely not thinking about hiring a wildlife professional to inspect the property, and you may definitely not be considering imperfections that rats are using, or could use as a highway into your new home or attic. Call us for a free no obligation, inspection and become a part of A-Team. We want to have your back, protect you, and make sure you and your family are safe from the various hazards wildlife, rats, or rodents can cause in living spaces. Calls for rats in attic, squirrels nesting above your ceiling, and even rodents in crawl spaces or walls, which have exponentially become more common since we started this company a decade ago. We are an extremely reputable company for rat and rodent removal and continue to stay ahead of the curve to adjust with wildlife’s abilities to adapt. All animal pros are continuously trained, learn new methods and techniques everyday, and customize all inspection reports, as no two properties are alike. With no job too big or complex and a 100% success ratio, you need to call this premier animal removal company and be a part of the A-Team.

What Sets the A-Team Apart

We have designed and customized all forms of our trapping, removal, and prevention process in-house through this family owned and operated wildlife removal company we’ve build. We strive to be considered as uncomparable to our predecessors as we keep our small company feel with genuine communication, with on-call staff all hours of the day, and professional work done in a timely manner to solve the problem as quickly as possible. Don’t hesitate, call the local office to set up your free inspection and in the case we do not cover your area, we will be sure to refer you to the best local florida trapper.

Your Problem is Our Passion

All jobs start with assessing the situation, and focusing on figuring out what type of animal we are contending with based on evidence. Evidence is not always right out in the open, so it’s our job to check every area no matter if evidence is pointing you in the right direction or not. To properly problem solve, you need to keep every variable in mind, and go to work with eliminating all possibilities for the present and future issue by closing all potential entry points with strong metal based products or mortar. The variables you may not be considering are applicable about 10% of the time, which includes the possibility of rats entering through a pipe inside a wall. We have a test we offer which tests plumbing pipes, and this helps us eliminate this variable as a possibility to ensure we can solve all issues.

Attic Treatment

Once all the rodents have been trapped and removed out of the home or business, it’s time to thoroughly treat and sanitize the attic. Our attic treatments consist of using a particulating fogger to treat the top layer of insulation, wall voids, and soffit areas. The treatment is designed to help kill parasites, bacterias, and pheromones. This attic or crawl space treatment is the most important to eliminate health hazards. Additionally, due to rodents and animals being scent driven, this is also the way we are able to guarantee rats not getting back in because they are not attracted to the area, so they will not be as tempted to gnaw through a new entryway leading back to your attic.

Attic Restorations

In the case that the contamination level is at a high of a level or the insulation is over 10 years old, you will be a strong candidate for a full attic restoration. Typically, your home will call for a restoration if you’ve had bats, possums, or raccoons in the attic because they do hold the highest risk of diseases. Rats and mice also have a multitude of ,but you’ll need to assess the contamination level before making that call. Our restorations include 3 treatments, 1 prior to removing the original insulation to ensure no toxins become airborne, the second treatment is for the bare attic, and the final treatment is done once the new insulation has been placed. The insulation we use is blown borocelulious which acts as a fire retardant doubled with a pesticide to kill general household pests such as mites, fleas, and roaches which also irritates rats skin.