The Lakewood Ranch Community has been developing for years and has more than doubled in the last 10 years. The current population is estimated between 20,000-30,000 people, and is considered to be the 10th fastest building community in America. The new homes and business being built are very environmentally conscious of wildlife and the majority of everything being newly constructed is sticking to the “going green effect”. A-Team Trappers has been working throughout this gorgeous 150 mile community for years, helping professional golf courses with raccoon removal, hog trapping on various properties, and bird prevention at various country clubs. As nice as these newly constructed homes are, they could all use some wildlife prevention for bats, rats, rodents, and mice. Majority of the houses have tile roofs that are variables for some of these small creatures. The architectural designs are gorgeous, but with these new designs come new types of potential entry points for critters. Don’t hesitate, call a company that knows a thing or two because they have seen a thing or two. Call us about our free, no obligation inspection and get your home or business prevented from these pesky critters before they have a chance call your attic space their new home.

Noise in the Attic?

If you have heard a noise in the attic, chirping in your fireplace, or scratching in a wall void, then now is the time to act fast! Call a pro today to do a thorough home inspection, and get this critter control issue solved before costly damages become extensive. The damages that rats, mice, raccoons, and opossums can cause are concerning for the structure and safety of your home. From a Raccoon tearing your soffits down, Opossums defecating in your attic space, or rats chewing through AC ducts, it can end up costing thousands of dollars in necessary repairs. If you are buying a new home in this beautiful Lakewood Ranch community, or building a new business empire, we suggest getting an inspection for piece of mind to ensure you do not have any unwanted guests creating havoc in your attic.

Bat Removal Bradenton, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch

Another common threat this Sarasota and Bradenton area seems to contend with often is bat removal in Lakewood Ranch. Bats are known to slip in through very small inconspicuous areas such as fascia or soffit gaps, open barrel tile roofs, and even an open A/C chase. Bats are extremely important to our ecosystem and act as a natural pest control by eating their body weight in bugs and mosquitos. Due to the importance of bats for our environment, Florida has consistently made sure to keep these creatures safe by not allowing removal of any kind between the months of April 15th through August 15th which is bats mating season. This means that if you get bats in your attic, pool cage, or a hollow column during this time you’ll have no choice but to wait it out. Some facts about bats you should be aware of is the fact that the guano (bat feces) is not only toxic and holds a plethora of diseases, but will actually deteriorate wood and structures to the point of disrepair if not handled according in a timely fashion.

A-Team has the answers to your critter control concerns A-Team Trappers has the answers to any and all of your wildlife concerns with decades of experience, problem solving tactics for all scenarios, and company standards that surpass all of our predecessors. We have adjusted our tactics, tools, and mind sets over the years to enable us to change with wildlife as they have adapted to our metropolitan communities. Wildlife doesn’t understand that the new golf course wasn’t custom built for them, moles and armadillos burrowing under your homes foundation was done out of necessity, and raccoons having babies and nesting in attic spaces was created, not taught. These animals have adapted and acclimated very well to us taking over their land, building skyscrapers and country clubs throughout Florida’s natural habitats. It’s our job to help with this critter control in humane ways, trapping and relocating animals to safe areas of 50 acres or more to ensure our wildlife has a good chance to survive. Your problem is our passion, Call a company that truly cares (941)444-2278 today.