About A-Team Trappers

Rats and mice crawling in your attic? Raccoons or opossums making themselves at home in your yard, crawl space, or insulation? Squirrels nesting in your rafters? Time to call A-Team Trappers! We offer wildlife management and prevention in Pinellas County. Florida is known for its’ abundant wildlife, but when your property is invaded by snakes, bats, raccoons, bees, wasps, armadillos, fruit rats, raccoons or other critters, you must take steps to keep your family, pets and property safe and secure. We specialize in ALL NATURAL animal control services.

All A‐Team Technicians are individually certified with the Florida Department of Agriculture for residential & commercial wildlife removal. Our Technicians are also provided with state of the art equipment, continuing education, and new techniques as fast as they are proven. With our years of experience & values instilled, we are confident in solving any wildlife issues. We provide our clients with an educational experience, and with a detailed report for a solution and options.

A‐Team Trappers philosophy is our clients come first. We provide a premium service and make a concerted effort to assist (including financially) with your wildlife issues. We are one of the only companies providing inhouse financing to ensure you get what’s needed for your home, yourself, and loved ones before the issue and hazards get worse. Furthermore we are very familiar with our competition and fully realize that not all wildlife companies carry the same morals and values as do we.

With proof of ‘services not rendered’ or a previously unsolved problem, A‐Team Trappers will gladly provide a free inspection. On a case by case basis we will proudly discount our rates for the better good of this wild industry and the morals we continue to strive for.