Raccoon Removal in Tampa Bay

Raccoons physical characteristics are extremely cute (such as their face mask, and dexterous front paws). With these front paws and the known intelligence,these furry animals can accomplish things that continue to surprise us, such as turning on water spouts, opening areas of soffits, climbing stucco walls and even opening latches. Once a raccoon enters an attic or crawl space, they can potentially cause thousands of dollars in damage.

St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay Raccoon Removal

It is not uncommon to see wires or water lines chewed up, ductwork ripped away, and most common for a raccoon is to find a nasty latrine (feces & urine) located in small area. This excrement is largely similar to a dogs and has a strong odor. If not dealt with properly these odors will spread throughout the home and can have long lasting health risks. Raccoon feces may contain a parasite called baylisascaris, and others can cause Lyme disease and leptospirosis (which can be transmitted through physical and airborne contact, if not handled properly).

These amazing creatures are nothing to mess with and are the #1 carrier of rabies on the East coast. If you have seen a raccoon in your Tampa Bay area yard, pool, or attic, Call A-Team Trappers today! We are humane in our removal process, prevent future invasions, and will treat any and all contaminated areas to ensure your families safety.



The A-Team Trappers Expectations for initial inspection

  • Call, Message or Email The A-Team to set up your free inspection
  • Once on site, we will ask a few questions for our evaluation
  • Inspect inside of the home & attic space
  • Full inspection on the outside of the home searching for evidence and entry points on the roof, soffit, etc.
  • External inspection of the property seeking evidence of Armadillo’s, Raccoons, Opossums, Snakes etc.
  • Take pictures of evidence and entry points to explain the facts, as well as issues involved
  • Lastly we’ll write up a proposal with all the details included

If you’re currently having a wildlife issue, don’t wait, Call A-Team Trappers where your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Call A-Team Trappers today for a free inspection, and let the professionals guarantee the removal of raccoons and prevent them from coming back.