Pinellas and Tampa Area Possums

Opossums are the only existing marsupial found in North America. Often found near streams and swamps these animals are opportunistic creatures so in urban areas we are finding them most commonly in attics, crawl spaces, and inactive armadillo burrows. They can be found in groups but most often they are solitary animals and use our attics, chimneys, and wall voids for shelter, in addition to birthing and protecting their babies. Opossums weigh between 814 pounds, and will sound like something even larger when heard through your ceiling.

St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay Opossum Removal

The damage an opossum can cause is much like a raccoon’s, but instead of gaining entry using their paws they will be more likely to push their head and body through any unsecured area they find such as soffits, roof returns, and even attic vents. Opossums can not carry rabies, and are even immune to snake venom due to their low blood temperature. They will most likely have fleas and ticks. Opossums carry the same health risk as raccoons in their urine and feces (including toxoplasmosis, leptospirosis, tuberculosis etc.).

The problems caused by opossums will continue on so if you are currently having an issue with them in your yard, attic, or crawl space call A-Team Trappers of St. Petersburg today and we will be glad to do a free inspection, remove, prevent and treat your property to ensure your families & pets safety and well-being.

The A-Team Trappers Expectations for initial inspection

  • Call, Message or Email The A-Team to set up your free inspection
  • Once on site, we will ask a few questions for our evaluation
  • Inspect inside of the home & attic space
  • Full inspection on the outside of the home searching for evidence and entry points on the roof, soffit, etc.
  • External inspection of the property seeking evidence of Armadillo’s, Raccoons, Opossums, Snakes etc.
  • Take pictures of evidence and entry points to explain the facts, as well as issues involved
  • Lastly we’ll write up a proposal with all the details included

If you’re currently having a wildlife issue, don’t wait, Call A-Team Trappers where your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Call A-Team Trappers today for a free inspection, and let the professionals guarantee the removal of opossums and prevent them from coming back.