Tampa, St. Petersburg and Pinellas County Animal Trapper

A-Team Trappers works with a large range of nuisance wildlife. We encounter everything from very small lizards, up to larger coyotes and feral hogs. As the most trusted wildlife removal company in the Tampa Bay area, we pride ourselves on taking care of our customers and the animals we encounter.

Stinging Insects Removal and Prevention

We are fully equipped to remove any bee, yellow jacket, or wasp issue you may be dealing with, whether it is in your soffit, under your car, or in a wall. We also do honey comb removal which, if not removed, can attract bugs, roaches, and rats in addition to ruining your drywall. Keep in mind that all of these pests pose a danger if you are stung and allergic reactions can follow, possibly requiring hospitalization. All situations with stinging insects are treated with respect and cured with live removals when possible. All scenarios are different, from a hive hanging in a tree to a 4 story commercial plaza so call A-Team Trappers today for an inspections to get this handled by a Tampa Bay area professional the right way, the first time!

Duck Removal and prevention

Muscovy ducks are known for damaging areas and leaving nasty fecal matter on your pool decks, parking lots, and even gaining access to our attics to lay eggs. We specialize in the removal of this invasive species with a variety of tactics and in many larger cases, resort to using all of them in a calculated manner for efficiency and maximum results. Call A-Team Trappers for a Tampa or St Petersburg area inspection, and a better idea of the process needed for your property.

Mole & Voles Removal and Prevention

Typically if you are having this issue you will find small holes all over your yard and the ground might be mushy due to these fast tunnel diggers. They are known for destroying yards quickly by digging tunnels for food sources, eating the roots and plants from underneath. We have various tactics and steps necessary in the removal and prevention of these varmints so call A-Team Trappers for a qualified inspection before your issue gets worse.

Hog Removal and Prevention

Hogs are an invasive species in Pinellas and Tampa Bay that can tear up a yard in a night and a neighborhood in one week. These animals can be trapped and removed, but it is necessary to see the property to offer the proper tactics. So call A-Team Trappers today and get this problem taken care of before it’s too late.

A-Team Trappers cares about you and your wildlife situation. We can handle the problem whether it is big or small. Give us a call today for your free Tampa Bay area inspection and quote.

quote. A-Team Trappers professionally encounters and resolves any wildlife issue that Florida Law’s allow. While some animals are protected certain times of the year and others not allowed to be physically relocated, these issues can still be resolved from the knowledge and techniques instilled while following the legal route to ensure all work is humanely dealt with.

Here is a list of all the animals we work with and some not as often discussed that we specialize in as well: