Animals can gain access to your attic or home in a variety of ways depending upon many situations. Raccoons might tear your soffit down, and a opossums is more likely to push through a roof return. A rodent on the other hand will gnaw through a pipe stack or find access through your AC chase causing damage to your air conditioner. A-Team Trappers has the experience, knowledge and tools to eliminate any and all entry points to ensure these furry intruders don't gain access inside your home or business again.

A full exclusion consists of closing up all of the possible entry points to your home or business to ensure that no more animals are able to reenter in any way, shape or form. A-Team Trappers utilize all metal base products to eliminate entry points unlike some of our competitors that might use foam. It is a fact that using foam is not going to be a permanent fix because in just a matter of time before rodents will be sure to gnaw through it and in some cases even use it as nesting material. Our process and techniques on the other hand are proven and unable to be compromised by any animals or weather. Within the first visit to your home or business our wildlife specialist will be able to explain exactly how these intruders are currently entering and what areas could be vulnerable in the future. Our main objective is to make sure that we keep these animals at bay and out of your residence while doing our best to make things as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Exclusions should be accomplished by a professional who has the knowledge and experience to do it right the first time. All of our exclusions come with their own guarantees so call A-Team Trappers today for a home inspection and the best results.