St. Pete Bat Removal

When bats enter your residence there can be serious dangers to you and your home. Bats are nearly blind, social creatures that use bio sonar and echo location to navigate at night in clusters, with colonies that can grow into the thousands. These vampire like creatures eat their body weight in mosquitos on a daily basis and play a vital role in our ecosystem, therefore they are protected from removal in Florida from about 4 months out of the year.

St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay Bat Removal

Bats are typically only about 2” in length, with mouths the size of a pencil eraser, yet they are one of the leading carriers of rabies. Due to their social nature, it’s extremely uncommon to ever see one on its own unless it is sick or hurt. These creatures can find entry points in the smallest areas of soffits, roof lines, or vents by pushing their tiny bodies into spaces the size of a dime. If dealing with a bat issue you could be hearing a tiny high pitch squeaking noise, and possibly the smell an ammonia type odor. This odor is from the bats feces (guano) which, when crystallized, can cause extensive damage to the structure of your home through the rot of trusses, walls, and even the roof. Guano can bring serious health risks such as histoplasmosis, which is a severe respiratory disease. The spores from the fungus that grows on guano will become airborne and with each breath taken more of these spores can be ingested. So don't delay call A-Team Trapper’s today for your free comprehensive inspection.



The A-Team Trappers Expectations for initial inspection

  • Call, Message or Email The A-Team to set up your free inspection
  • Once on site, we will ask a few questions for our evaluation
  • Inspect inside of the home & attic space
  • Full inspection on the outside of the home searching for evidence and entry points on the roof, soffit, etc.
  • External inspection of the property seeking evidence of Armadillo’s, Raccoons, Opossums, Snakes etc.
  • Take pictures of evidence and entry points to explain the facts, as well as issues involved
  • Lastly we’ll write up a proposal with all the details included

If you’re currently having a wildlife issue, don’t wait, Call A-Team Trappers where your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Call A-Team Trappers today for a free inspection, and let the professionals guarantee the removal of bats and prevent them from coming back.