Attic Treatment and Dead Animal Removal
in St Petersburg & Tampa Bay

In addition to all the live animal removal and prevention, A-Team Trappers also specializes in dead animal removal. Whether you have a dead animal down a wall void, in your attic, or underneath your cabinets, the smell that follows can be extremely pungent, embarrassing and bothersome. Aside from that, complete decomposition can take weeks and if the animal is not removed immediately there are multiple health risks involved. Decomposition can attract ectoparasites such as flies, ticks, mites and fleas which can carry Hantavirus and other diseases. A-Team trappers will come to your Pinellas or Tampa Bay area residence or business, fully equipped with all the tools and knowledge to remove this unwanted decomposing pest. We also treat the area with an antimicrobial disinfectant, as well as a deodorizing agent to help eliminate the smell and remove any health risks involved.

Pinellas Attic Treatments after Animal Infestations

Attic Treatments are extremely important when it comes to any type of animal contamination , and is imperative for preventing animal activity from coming back. Whether you have a rodent or a large animal in your attic, the first thing that they do is mark their territory with feces and urine. All animal feces (especially in any living or work place) can pose a serious threat to your health, as well as pets and family members. Beyond the health factors the feces also contain pheromones that help attract still more animals. A-Team Trappers in St. Petersburg, Florida uses a 3 step process to take care of this problem by disinfecting the entire attic, vacuuming out feces in any high activity areas and also deodorizing with a pheromone neutralizing agent which guarantees any animal scent is removed.

Attic restorations are necessary in some situations due to the level of contamination and the extenuating circumstances that go along with animals taking up residence in your home. The first step in the process is using an antimicrobial scrub in the attic to sterilize the area before removing the old insulation. After we remove all the old insulation from the attic we treat the bare attic floor and walls to prevent any toxic contaminates from the residual effects left behind by the animals. We then blow in all new boro cellulose insulation to a R30 level. This new insulation has pesticide properties to keep out unwanted guest such as roaches, fleas, and even termites. Boro Cellulose insulation has rodent deterrent as part of its makeup and is fire retardant. After we are done blowing in all the new insulations we treat the top level with a pheromone inhibitor so that we will not have any new animals ever. We guarantee it for life!

Our dead animal removal process includes a full inspection of the premises inside and out.

This process will help us better understand how the animal got into the residence in the first place so we can take the necessary precautions to ensure it doesn't happen again. If you suspect that you might have a dead animal in your home or business, chances are they are not alone - leading to a potential infestation.

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