The 9 Banded Armadillo has a prehistoric look, is nearly blind and works off of scent and touch to navigate and maneuver over obstacles that are in the way. Armadillos are nocturnal. They are a cosmetic nightmare for any wellmanicured yard as they dig little holes and divots looking for grubs and worms. They tend to follow pheromone trails left behind by other

St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay Armadillo Removal

Armadillos and are known for digging large burrows in a very short amount of time. The burrow opening will be about the size of a basketball and can be 15’ deep by 20’ wide. Most commonly these burrows are found right next to your house, under concrete slabs or in dense bushes. You will usually find 4 to 6 per armadillos per burrow, but we have removed as many as 12. These animals can cause serious foundation issues. There are a few other risks associated with armadillos. Leprosy is only known to exist in humans and Armadillos. It can be transmitted by touch, being absorbed through the skin. Not just animal to human, but the soil and sod of the surrounding area can also be infected. Armadillos are often found in rural areas of Pinellas County and St. Petersburg.

A-Team Trappers Truck

A-Team Trappers Truck

The A-Team Trappers Expectations for initial inspection

  • Call, Message or Email The A-Team to set up your free inspection
  • Once on site, we will ask a few questions for our evaluation
  • Inspect inside of the home & attic space
  • Full inspection on the outside of the home searching for evidence and entry points on the roof, soffit, etc.
  • External inspection of the property seeking evidence of Armadillo’s, Raccoons, Opossums, Snakes etc.
  • Take pictures of evidence and entry points to explain the facts, as well as issues involved
  • Lastly we’ll write up a proposal with all the details included

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